This page will contain experimental projects. One of these projects will be an Education Portal Ecosystem and the other is a program which allows people to choose specific areas of interest. After these areas are chosen, the program will generate a list of courses based on the criteria chosen.

Test PHP and MySQL database input/output

This project is testing the read, write, and display functionality for a test PHP and MySQL interaction interface.

PHP and MySQL Test

Autonomise Machine Project

Have people choose certain interests and skill sets then based on this criteria a suggested class list is displayed to the student. Then after this a student can choose the courses they want and after this an e-mail is sent to the student welcoming them to the class.

Education Portal Ecosystem

Creating an interactive educational ecosystem portal which is based on the research done on the principals of learning, education, and blended learning. The focus is to integrate the principles of education theory into this online ecosystem to create an optimal education experience. This is fundamentally different from most blended learning concepts which is to apply the technology first without understanding the principles or theory behind education. The course or courses offered through this ecosystem are designed to have people learn different learning styles in order to find out which style of learning obtains optimal results for the learner. This will continue to expand research in the area of creating optimal blended learning curriculums and classes for learners.