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Egpyt is free, who will lead this country?

        It is interesting how the state of Egypt is still up and running despite the military council taking over.  It is like the mechanisims of the nation state are in place and instilled in all of the people.  The people as a society know what to do when things are out of balance.  No matter who is in power, the human need for freedom and justice is instilled in every human being.  It is the Panopticon at work, were people are governing themselves without the need of the government to watch over the people. 
        The penoptigon philosphy is influencing the people to have the state of
egypt come back into balance and return the state back to normalicy.  Now the people are wanting the army to step down and return control of Egypt back over to a civilian led government.

         The military is in agreement with this and know there role.  They want to keep the nation state safe and secure at all costs while trying to avoid any casualties or other costly damages.  Also, the pressure from other world governments has Egypt under watch so it is hard for the army to exert any type of military dominance or perform any acts of violence towards the civilian populous.  This is another form of the Panopticon at work with nations watching other nations and though the philosphy of this theory states that the people in the prisons cannot tell if they are being watched, most nation states do what they want not considering being watched until outside pressures start to come influence the nation state that is under survelliance. 

        We can see this example in a dictatorship country were Hilter and Sadamm Hussein did what they want with other countries not doing anything until events occured that were intolerable.  The modern day nation states are designed to keep order in the world and with the advancement
of digital communications it is easier for everyone in a nation state or country to have a voice.  In the end, the need for nation states to share a common state of balance, freedom and peace is what everyone in the world is seeking.

I know this is only a small part of the whole issue that is going on in Egypt, so I am using this as an example of understanding what we have read in class along with understanding what is going on in th world.  Please post your comments or share your ideas!

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