Shot this video at the Perot Museum using a T2i, changing the lens and camera settings multiple times due to the environmental conditions. Used dubstep type music for the background music and frame stills to go from moving to still frame video captured images.

This video is an introduction into the beginning stages of defining my research into blended learning.

Interview with Denny Doran using a Canon T2i and a wireless
Sennheiser Mic. Video editing was done with Adobe Premeire
CS5 on a MacBook Pro.

Master Sepuka was created using Maya 3D,
Motion Builder, Adobe Premeire and the motion
capture lab at UTD.
Voiceovers and sound effects were done by Jay Autz
and martial arts movements were captured from
Jayson Autz and Allisa Davis.
Produced by Jason
Fultz, Jim Brank and John Radcliff.

Voiceover was done by Jesse Mccall. Video
editing was done in Adobe Premeire and iMovie.



"Texas Sports Medicine?" is an interactive demo for the Texas Sports Medicine Dallas-based Orthopaedic Practice.
This demo was created using a program called “Hype”, which creates interactive content using HTML5 and Javascript.


"Who am I?" is an interactive education game which is designed to
help people learn a foreign language in a fun and creative way.


Interactive Flash based biography on a secret military group
during World War II called "Carlsons Raiders".