John D Radcliff, Specializing in Interactive Technology & Education!

About You

        I have dedicated this blog to many things, several being how people are affected in the information age and how to effectively live in it.  Below are several things I look at in
One thing I discuss are how the laws in the digital world affect the way people live and how they can protect their digital work.  People need to know that once they expose their digital ideas to the public that it can be easily captured, manipulated and reproduced.  It is important for people to know how to get their message out to the world and still protect themselves at the same time.  

        One series I started is called “Living in the Urban Jungle”, which shares my experiences and resources of how to acquire food, entertainment, clothing, music and other life necessities for free or at a inexpensive price in a city environment.  The internet and wireless communications are two areas that in my assessment have allowed people and resources to become highly accessible.  This is important to know in since the traditional way of acquiring resources or interacting with people has significantly changed.

    My overall commitment is contributing to people through education so that people can develop themselves and become prosperous in this world!