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Save money on entertainment costs!

People are always looking to save money on entertainment costs.  Here are a couple of fun suggestions to accomplish this task:

1. Cancel your cable or satellite service.  Then subscribe to Netflix for all of your movie needs.  If you want to watch T.V. you can always go to or use an HDTV receiver either attached to your computer or T.V. to receive the regular T.V. stations (ABC, CBS, PBS, NBC, etc.).

2. Also, if you don't have a student I.D. you should look into getting one.  You can use this to save money when going to watch new movies at a movie theater.

These are the two top ways my girlfriend and I have saved money on our entertainment needs.  I will be coming up with new ideas in this area so stay tuned!

Cheap Eats in Dallas on Citysearch®

Cheap Eats in Dallas


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Updated: January 27, 2010

It's no secret that cash-strapped college kids can subsist on a diet of pizza and burgers, but fast-food fixes needn't be unhealthy. Budget-minded eaters have plenty of cheap, nutritious options. If you’re down to digging in the sofa for change or just want to stretch your eating-out money, check out these cheap eats spots in Dallas.

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Here are some places to eat in Dallas that are healthy and inexpensive!